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Movement/Architecture is an original project on the borders of dance and physical theatre. The project is based on an original improvisation method, in which the performer works with architectural space as a partner, dancing with surfaces, textures, light, architectural elements and empty space.

The process results in choreographic material that can evoke the space in which it was created even (and especially) when the performance takes place outside of the space that inspired it. At the same time, the process offers an encounter with the embodied memory and subjective personal experience that each performer had in the space.

For audiences, this dance between objectivity and subjectivity creates a concrete yet ephemeral world. Spectators will view a series of site-specific solos in a promenade performance, followed by a group performance in a ‘neutral’ space that dances the absent spaces back into existence. Movement/Architecture projects may also be accompanied by an exhibition that offers insight into the creation process.

Each Movement/Architecture project is inspired by the architectural space in which it is created, along with the history and context of the space. While each process results in a new and unique performance, each project draws on the experience of previous Movement/Architecture projects and contributes to the ongoing development of the methodology.


Movement/Architecture projects have been supported by Arts Council England, The State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic, Nadace Život Umělce. Previous project partners include University of London’s School of Advanced Studies, Festival of Regions, Being Human Festival, Prague Creative Centre, Prague Quadrennial and Industra Brno.


Project team

Concept, direction: Becka McFadden

Dramaturgy: Mary Ann Hushlak

Movement direction: Sylvie Robaldo

Production: Kateřina Kubíková


Collaborating artists: Sílvia Almeida, Alicia Cubells, Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki, Tommaso Giacopini, Daniela Hanelová, Stuart Moore, Michaela Ondrašinová, Marie Svobodová, Lukas Turza, Yuliia Yabletska


Movement/Architecture is available for bookings and commissions. We can create a piece for your venue or festival in collaboration with local performers or our existing collaborators. Contact us to discuss a project designed for your festival, venue or private event.

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