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HYPO is a performance and installation about the human being's relationship to their body and the knowledge that it will, inevitably, fail. Possibly right now, maybe as a direct result of the ringing in my ears or that weird bump on my arm. Oh my god, what is that weird bump on my arm? Let me just google that… No, don’t google it. Seriously, don’t google it. Okay, maybe you can google a tiny, tiny part of it, something very specific…oh, god…

Inspired by research into the lives of famous creative hypochondriacs including Charlotte Brönte and Andy Warhol, as well as the artist's personal experience of the health anxiety that has plagued her since childhood, HYPO explores hypochondria through sociocultural, historical and deeply personal lenses. At the level of movement research, HYPO uses choreographic approaches drawn from the somatic practice of felt sense, choreology and butoh to construct a series of portraits and self-portraits of the hypochondriac body.

Choreographic material is interwoven with research and personal anecdote, offering the audience a humorous — and deeply human — meditation on the medically anxious body. The performance is accompanied by an installation featuring videos, audio recordings, WhatsApp transcripts and google searches collected by the artist during the preparation of the project, along with visual art interventions from collaborating artists also struggling with hypochondria.

HYPO is a performance for anyone with a body, particularly those who find themselves worrying about it from time to time.


Coming to Venuše ve Švehlovce in autumn 2023.

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