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Movement/Architecture is Beautiful Confusion's unique approach to site-responsive interventions, as seen at Prague Quadrennial 2019. We've all seen dance in unusual places. What sets Movement/Architecture apart is the way our performers first investigate and then duet with built space, responding to texture, to weight, to mass, to the play of light on the floor or a view glimpsed through the window at that one particular angle. And then there is the way it feels to stand there, with memories and emotions the space provokes. 

Movement/Architecture is also an embodied approach to mapping space and its ambience. Our skilled performers evoke architectural space in its absence, translating your project into and through the dynamic movement of the human body. 

Read on to learn how collaboration with us can enhance stakeholder and visitor experience of your projects with live, performative interventions, supported by photography, video and sound art. Of course, this is just the beginning. If you like what you see, contact us to craft a bespoke intervention for your project or space.


Beautiful Confusion will:

  • highlight architectural details and embed emotional resonance with a unique live performance event, suitable for openings

  • create a portable piece of choreography that captures the form and ambience of your project and can be performed in another chosen location

  • capture your project's uniqueness with professionally produced video, sound art and photography, suitable for temporary or permanent installation


Beautiful Confusion will:

  • intervene at different project stages to document the process of transformation through choreographic works, photography, video and/or sound art

  • design a bespoke live performance event or installation, suitable for launch events, building tours or open houses

  • offer consultation on how spaces can best support a wide range of creative practices​


Beautiful Confusion will:

  • animate the space as business-as-usual continues around us

  • catalyse insights into how space makes us move, think and feel

  • draw regular visitors' attention to details hiding in plain sight

  • produce choreography and multimedia documentation​


Beautiful Confusion will:

- observe and interact with visitors' ways of engaging with the space

- design a site-responsive intervention to enhance visitor experience

- create on request a more complex performance intervention, featuring sound recorded on-site


With experience of running and participating in festivals and resident artists' programmes in repurposed and multiuse buildings, we can work with you and your stakeholders to forge collaborative, reciprocal relationships with local artistic communities. We do this by keeping an eye on process, as well as product, recognising that often the best cultural events are produced by artist-stakeholders, whose creative practice has found a sustainable home.


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