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A bar stool. An office chair. An apartment. A solo performance viewed from behind.


Muscle memory and tension, present and past. Lost loves living rent-free in an increasingly compressed spine. A body in the process of figuring itself out. Love is like jazz.


You make it up as you go along and you act as if you know the song, but you don’t and you never will.


Relax. And breathe.


“Becka McFadden demonstrates a virtuosic performance of muscular tension and release, showing the unexpectedly wide expressive register that the surface of the back – usually hidden under clothing – offers.” Viktor Cech, A2

A solo performance for the spine and its secrets, BackStories premiered at ImpFest 2015 and was nominated for the Space to Dance Award at Brighton Fringe 2016. The performance is based on the duet version of BackStories devised and performed by Scheherazaad Cooper and Becka McFadden and supported by Arts Council England and Canada Council for the Arts.

Concept: Scheherazaad Cooper, Becka McFadden

Performance: Becka McFadden

Director: Daniel Somerville

Dramaturg: Mary Ann Hushlak

Photography: Paul Wade, Andrew McGibbon


Available for touring.

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