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Becka McFadden is a creative, collaborative director. Since 2008, she has worked consistently with London theatre company LegalAliens, where she has directed the UK premieres of works by leading contemporary Czech, French and Italian playwrights. A specialist in site-specific and devised performance, she has staged shows everywhere from the Walthamstow Marshes to a baroque townhouse that was once home to Franz Kafka. She is also artistic director of her own company, Beautiful Confusion Collective, which makes performances at the intersection of dance theatre and live art. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England. 

Becka grew up in Pennsylvania, earning an MA in Theatre from Villanova University. Based between Prague and London since 2007, her work embraces the storytelling languages unique to theatre, which she views as visual art form. In all her projects, she works to embrace complexity, fusing a keen eye for detail with a sense of playful irreverence. An effective collaborator, she brings an ensemble approach to directing and seeks to engage actors as co-creators of the productions she directs. With training in movement and text-based approaches, her productions benefit from strong physicality and precise text work.





A unique fusion of poetry, satire, reportage, multimedia and traveller’s diary, Closed Lands, by French playwright Simon Grangeat, traces the history of modern walls – real and metaphorical – from Berlin to Mexico to Europe. Performed by actors who are all migrants in the UK, Closed Lands chronicles the “Free world”‘s obsession with walls and our journey back to shame. Read more.



In a unique approach to site-responsive work, performers duet with built space, drawing the spectator's attention to details hidden in plain sight. When transported to a theatre or gallery space, Movement/Architecture has the power to to evoke an absent building for spectators who have never seen it. Think of it is as embodied 3-D printing, or a moving blueprint. Read more.



 A witty, original, dark comedy by Czech enfant terrible Petr Kolečko combining realism and physical theatre, live action and multi-media. Becka McFadden’s direction embraces the Kolecko’s ambiguity and absurdism to create a world in which nothing is what it seems. Characters bluff and double bluff, even objects can’t be trusted: paper garlands become sushi, guns become bananas, and sex is an comic dance. Read more. 



A promenade performance in  Walthamstow Marshes. Competing narrators lead the audience on a fantastical journey into the borough’s past. From Lord Waltheof to William Morris to the invention of loo roll, an enchanting, site-responsive adventure for the whole family with original music. Read more. 


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